The SerengetiHotel spectacular rooms and suites combine elegant and modern design elements with traditional Masai culture and classi. All of the rooms have been furnished in soothing, natural hues using recyclable materials to create a calm and peaceful ambience with views of the valley below. The doors and windows close with specially designed screens that keep insects out but allow you to hear the beautiful sounds of the night in the Serengeti.

Tented chalets

Tented chalets are lovely and honeymoon-worthy, with beechwood floors, a romantic four-poster bed, separate tub (handy for washing clothes) and shower, and a large balcony to watch the sun set. These aren’t true tents since the entire bathroom area, as well as the back room of the bedroom, are made of rocks/concrete; only three walls and the roof are canvas.

Lodge Rooms

One of our most breathtaking rooms may be found on the first floor of the hotel. 144 m2 of area to share in the best company while also ensuring privacy and autonomy.

The design of the rooms is magnificent, each with its own style. The suite has two bedrooms with exquisite decor.