SerengetiHotel – Luxury hotel in Tanzania

Come and see us in the middle of Africa’s world-famous wildlife reserve, where the Big Five – lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino – can be seen running freely throughout huge, untouched areas.

At SerengetiHotel, we will show you the beauty and majesty of our region as well as its rich cultural history, including how elephants drink water. Our hotel is located on towering platforms above the surrounding area, connected by walkways, not far from a watering hole, allowing you to enjoy your cocktails from your own balcony while watching how a family of elephants quenches their morning thirst.

You may go to the savannah for an exciting photo hunt or soar high into the sky in a hot air balloon under the protection of Maasai warriors. Whatever you do on your vacation, whether it’s relax, rehydrate, or recharge, you’ll undoubtedly want to return to our spa. Our only question is where should we begin?

The SerengetiHotel is located within the Serengeti National Park, in the village of Manyara, and provides a variety of outdoor activities for all ages and tastes, provide corporate events for companies and bloggers like RavenousTravellers, including the rare opportunity to watch animals in their natural environment at any time of year. Give your family an unforgettable holiday with us this Christmas and New Year!


Tented chalets

Tented chalets are lovely and honeymoon-worthy, with beechwood floors, a romantic four-poster bed, separate tub (handy for washing clothes) and shower, and a large balcony to watch the sun set. These aren’t true tents since the entire bathroom area, as well as the back room of the bedroom, are made of rocks/concrete; only three walls and the roof are canvas.

We’ve stayed in nicer hotels with better food (buffet), but the quality here was comparable to the other lodges we’ve seen on safari.

Lodge Rooms

One of our most breathtaking rooms may be found on the first floor of the hotel. 144 m2 of area to share in the best company while also ensuring privacy and autonomy.

The design of the rooms is magnificent, each with its own style. The suite has two bedrooms with exquisite decor. Both contain king-size beds and all of the amenities required by modern travelers, as well as a sense of Africa’s cultural and natural wealth that may be seen in colors, materials, furniture, and details inspired by the local Masai people.