Tented Chalet

Tented chalets are lovely and honeymoon-worthy, with beechwood floors, a romantic four-poster bed, separate tub (handy for washing clothes) and shower, and a large balcony to watch the sun set. These aren’t true tents since the entire bathroom area, as well as the back room of the bedroom, are made of rocks/concrete; only three walls and the roof are canvas.

We’ve stayed in nicer hotels with better food (buffet), but the quality here was comparable to the other lodges we’ve seen on safari. The tent dining area and pool offers a panoramic view of the savanna, but during the middle of August, there wasn’t much wildlife around the lodge or in the western Serengeti region (excepting birds). This would be an incredible spot during the migration, but it’s not as lovely as other times of year when animals come to rest and unwind.

Note that, during the rainy season when the Mbalageti River is full and safari vehicles can’t pass, visitors will be required to trek across a narrow metal swinging bridge to arrive at the facility (a vehicle from the lodge will collect you and your belongings from the other side).