How much does a safari in Tanzania Cost?

A safari is an adventure of a lifetime. If you are thinking about taking one, it can be difficult to know what your budget should be for safaris in Tanzania. There are many factors that will affect the cost of safaris in Tanzania, including things like where you stay, how long you go on safari for and whether or not you’re traveling with children. We have compiled some handy tips below to help answer any questions about safaris in Tanzania that may arise!

What is a safari in Tanzania?

A safari is an adventure of a lifetime. It’s the perfect excuse to get out into nature and see some amazing wildlife, while also experiencing local culture. The best times for safaris in Tanzania are considered to be between November-April when it’s warmer and drier, or between May-October when there is more rainfall which often makes for better sightings because animals come closer to water sources during this time.

For safaris in Tanzania you can expect to see: lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes and zebras just to name a few! You may even spot wildebeest migrating across the Mara River from Kenya!

What does safari in Tanzania cost?

The price of safaris in Tanzania can vary depending on where you go and how long for. Generally, prices will be higher the more remote your safari camp is located! For example: a three-day safari near Arusha costs around $500 per person while a five-day safari to Serengeti National Park starts from $1500/person including all food and drinks, but excluding flights into or out of Africa.

How do I choose an affordable safari company in Tanzania? There are many different companies offering affordable options when it comes to planning Safaris in Tanzania such as Intrepid Travel, G Adventures & STA Travel which offer trips that start at just $500/person for safaris in Tanzania. These types of safari holidays are perfect if you’re on a budget and want to ensure you’ve still got some money left over after your trip!

How many people go on safari?

It’s not required that the group only consists of two or more, but it is much easier to split costs when there are others around (especially because car rental rates tend to be per vehicle). If you’re traveling solo, make sure they offer small groups tours within their larger itinerary so that you don’t feel alone – this can also help with socializing opportunities during long days spent driving between destinations. The average number of passengers varies depending on the safari camp location; safari camps in more remote areas will have smaller groups as it’s not possible to fit large safari vehicles into some safari destinations.

What are safaris like?

Some safaris may vary from others depending on the camp location and the number of people, but generally you can expect your days to be broken up by game drives where you’ll spend time spotting wildlife (this is often done early morning or late afternoon). There will also likely be short walks during which guests learn about local plants & animals with an experienced guide – this depends on whether there’s suitable wildlife around for viewing at that moment too!

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