What to Wear on a Safari in Tanzania

We’ve all been there before. It’s safari time and you’re heading out to Africa, but what should you wear? You could just go with the safari outfit that every other tourist is wearing, or find something a little more adventurous. This blog post will answer some of your questions about what to wear on safari in Tanzania so you can have an amazing trip!

What to wear on a safari in Tanzania

One of the first questions people ask is, “Should I wear safari clothing?” This really ties into what you’re looking for in your safari experience. If you want to blend in with every other tourist that’s out there then safari clothing will be perfect for you.

But if you are someone who likes something a little more unique and adventurous, it may not make sense to go with safari clothes because everyone else already has them! It all boils down to personal preference when making this decision so read on below where we list some suggestions about both options!

Safari Clothing Suggestions

When going with the traditional outfit they suggest wearing neutral colors like browns and tans as well asy tones such as those found in safari greens. It’s also important to remember that while it may be hot outside, you will still feel the heat of the sun so wearing lighter colors is another suggestion made by safari clothing companies. Another thing to keep in mind are rain showers which are common during safari time so being able to wear a light poncho or jacket over your clothes can be very helpful!

What you need to know before going on a safari in Tanzania

Some safari clothing companies also suggest that you wear a hat and sunglasses because of strong winds as well as wearing comfortable walking shoes. It’s important to remember the terrain is going to be rough so make sure your shoes can handle it! You’ll most likely want to bring an extra pair with you if possible since they may get wet or dirty during your safari trip.

If you decide that safari clothing isn’t for you then here are some suggestions of what will work best! You can never go wrong with khaki pants and a shirt since it’s simple, comfortable, and easy to match. Don’t forget sturdy closed-toe shoes as well because the terrain is rough so flip flops won’t cut it!

The best time of year to go on a safari in Tanzania 

If you plan on going during the winter months or cool evenings make sure to pack layers for your safari outfit including sweaters and jackets.

There could also be rain showers which would call for an umbrella or poncho like we mentioned before. Sunglasses and hats should always be worn while travelling through these parts of Africa.

One last thing we want to mention is the safari outfit for children. Although they may not be going on a real safari, it’s still important that you dress them in practical clothes and shoes like their parents. You can also bring extra clothes if possible since having wet or dirty clothing will make everyone miserable!

When thinking about what to wear on safari in Tanzania keep these things mentioned above in mind so your trip goes as smoothly as possible and enjoy exploring this beautiful country with all of its amazing sights! We hope whatever safari outfit you end up choosing has an amazing safari experience ahead of you!

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